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hey it's me!

Photo of Andre Nguyen

Here's a little introduction about myself: I love technology, whether it's old or new tech, I love the way how we are able to create tools to solve our problems. With that being said, I consider myself an artist at heart. The ability to use said tools to create is what makes the world so interesting and great. 


I initially started my career in the fine arts, specifically photography and graphic design. A few years working professionally I would occasionally interact with product designers, and I was always intrigued. At the time I wasn't completely knowledgeable about product design, but to me, it was this great intersection between technology, art, and practicality. I had to know more about it. After a few days of asking my tech friends I was formally introduced to the world of product design, and I was enamored. I knew I wanted to be a part the world of product design.

Product design was like being an architect in the digital space. Being able to balance aesthetics and function was, and still is, infinitely fascinating and important to me. Not only did I love design conceptually, but my technical skills from my experience in 2D art and graphic design translated so well to this new field. I felt relieved that I wasn't starting from completely zero knowledge. Having said all of that, what I really loved about UX design was how one's decisions could impact how a user experiences a digital product, and how with empathy and compassion a designer is able to create experiences that can positively affect people's lives no matter how big or small.

I am grateful of the technical skills I learned from being in the arts, but I believe the soft skills I gained while in the fine arts field has been the most helpful in my design journey. The skills of open communication and empathy allowed me to look at design not only through a logical and aesthetic lens, but through a human lens.

Being able to honestly and respectfully critique peers about their work is extremely important in a creative setting. My experience in the arts allowed me to be in close contact with other creatives in a group environment on many occasions. With that, I have gained the ability to openly communicate with other creatives in a supportive and truthful way. I love being able to throw back and forth ideas with peers and generating trust and a supportive environment that promotes creativity.

I am always trying to learn new things, challenge myself, and collaborate with others. But most importantly always trying to improve myself from the previous day.

stuff i'm into:

playing guitar



creating art




vietnamese food





what i'm listening to:

You're Gonna Miss It All by Modern Baseball Album Cover

You're Gonna Miss It All

Modern Baseball

DSU by Alex G Album Cover


Alex G

God Save the Animals by Alex G Album Cover

God Save the Animals

Alex G

my last three concerts:

Photo of Rock Musician Alex G

Alex G

Paradise Rock Club

Boston, MA

November 8 & 9


Photo of Rock Band Pixies


Terminal 5

New York, NY

October 5


Photo of Rock Band Pavement


King's Theater

Brooklyn, NY

October 2


thanks for coming!

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